Karen L. M. looks forward to speech therapy electrical stim each week. She has benefitted with improved swallow,so important for her as she has ALS. with Bulbar effects. Karen enjoys interacting with and benefits from the skill and counsel of therapist Esther Verbosky.Caregiver ,MAQ

Mark T had a Stroke
Well know hospital in Cleveland SLP Therapist- 22 sessions,  made no improvements. Insurance allowance used up for the year.
Sought outside help. Cleveland Feeding and Swallowing Center LLC-Esther A. L. Verbovszky
M.A. CCC-SLP and Dr Frankel at Gastroenterologist and Associates of Beachwood
Esther understood brain stem strokes. At the first meeting, Esther evaluated immediately and knew Mark needed more than vital stim, exercises and food therapy. He needed his throat dilated. She contacted Dr. Frankel gastroenteritis. Dr. Frankel’s Office and Esther are the perfect team at the swallowing institute. Dr. Frankel promptly made time to come into Esther office and explained the dilation procedure to Mark, his office staff then set up the appt. for the following week.. (Mark had 4 dilations over the next few months.) Mark started to improve immediately under Esther‘s care, Esther saw Mark twice a week to provide vital stem stimulation, swallowing exercises, even food exercises. It took time but by November Mark had a BEER!! Then he enjoyed Thanksgiving Dinner!!
Esther’s therapy was so different from the first therapist we saw. Esther truly has trained and studied and learned exactly what stroke patients need to recover swallowing ability. Esther‘s compassion for her patients has turned her into a miracle worker. Esther doesn’t hesitate to ask for help to insure patient recovery. Esther, and Dr. Frankel and his staff, together saved Marks life. The prior from well-known hospital Therapist would of left him thinking he was permanently disabled unable to eat or drink or swallow his own saliva. Mark is completely cured, now! He can eat and drink anything he wants. He was on a feeding tube for 8 months, he couldn’t swallow his own saliva, he had to spit in a bag all day long. Without Esther the outcome would have been very different. What frightens me is that we would not have known that there was a successful treatment plan for his swallowing issues; if we had stayed with the prior Therapist. Frightening! We would have believed Mark was permanently disabled. Thank God our insurance ran out .. But, This is the rest of the story. Our insurance decided to cover Mark when we changed to Esther as long as there was an improvement. Believe us when we say that they did not compensate Esther enough,, she deserved so much more. She did her job, and she did it better than anyone else.

Joe Y.

This is my last shot at ever eating normally again. All I have is hope.

I am a survivor of four (4) unexplainable stage four terminal cancers. The first cancer was in 2001 in my neck and throat; the procedure radiation and surgery.  One year later, I got Leukemia, (AML); the procedure a cord blood transplant. In 2010 I got a third cancer, this time in my tongue; the procedure was surgery which removed part of my tongue and replaced it with thigh muscle. Six months later addition cancer was found in my neck and below the tongue; the procedure was radical re-radiation treatments five days a week twice a day.  I am now cancer free but the tongue transplant didn’t go as planned; I can no-longer talk or eat and the tongue nerves and muscles no-longer move. I was informed by my surgeon that there was nothing that they could do for me anymore. I had developed Dysphagia, losing the ability to swallow. I would be the rest of my life on a feeding tube.

I was not alone. More than 15 million Americans have a swallowing disorder. There are many causes, including nerve and muscle problems from head, neck injuries and cancers.

Failure however, is not an option in my life! So I began to look for someone who could help me.  I needed someone who could think out of the box, cared about their patients first and would do whatever it takes to help them improve their life.

I am lucky to have found my swallowing therapist Esther Verbovszky of Cleveland Feeding and Swallowing Center. The clinic offers a complete dysphagia screening and treatment program, including VitalStim® Therapy – an FDA-cleared therapy program using neuromuscular electrical stimulation (invented in Cleveland).

Esther thinks out of the box and is constantly searching for new things and practices that can help. She has even made inquiries into acupuncture while attending health shows to find new ways to help me.

Esther arranged a swallowing test and throat dilation to widen it. The doctor had to use a child device in my mouth since my mouth doesn’t open wide enough for the larger adult device. The other problem is the amount of radiation scare tissue under my chin area is massive and really didn’t allow the electro stimulation to really do its job.

The treatments have been greatly successful and the scare tissue has been broken up and I can now feel the lower voltage when before I would only feel the max 500 volts from the VitalStim. This is a great improvement since it means that my throat is becoming more sensitive and responding to the treatment. I can also open my mouth much wider than I could before.

I really trust Esther and she has proven that the patient comes first.  She is young, vibrant, caring and patented inventor and a pleasure to have taking care of me.