Forensic Speech-Language Pathology

Forensic speech-language pathology and Expert Witness Services

Medical issues are often expensive, life-altering events, and speech-language and swallowing disorders are no different.

Inevitably, these situations can lead to litigation.

The causes of legal action can vary widely and include the following:

Forensic speech-language pathologists provide expert witness services in these cases.

SLPs may be asked by either party in a civil or criminal suit to testify about the facts of speech-language challenges and treatments and the origins and prognosis in such cases.

In this capacity, SLPs are expected to have first-hand knowledge and expertise of the protocols and processes involved in SLP therapy. They must also be able to break down and explain these matters to a judge and jury in layperson’s terms. Helping them understand and use them to assess the legal claims before them.

Forensic speech-language pathology and Expert Witness Services

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Founder Esther A. L. Verbovszky M.A. CCC-SLP works forensically with attorneys and insurance companies to objectively evaluate, determine severity, and professionally treat speech-language-swallowing dysfunctions when needed after an accident or injury.

Cases may include, however, but are not limited to: strokes, head and neck cancer, and traumatic brain injury.

Because of her private practice and hospital experience specializing in swallowing disorders, Esther is uniquely qualified for cases requiring expertise in swallowing aspiration and/or choking cases.

Since many cases are convoluted, she can tease out premorbid factors and offer realistic, objective, and supporting analysis.

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