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Difficulties swallowing can keep you, or a family member, from their place at the dinner table. Along with persistent clearing of the throat, coughing and feeling of food sticking, these can all be signs of dysphagia (dis-FAY-ja). Our clinic offers a complete dysphagia screening and treatment program, including VitalStim® Therapy – an FDA-cleared therapy program using neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

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Swallowing Disorders

Swallowing disorders, also called dysphagia (dis-FAY-juh), can occur at different stages in the swallowing process:
  • Oral phase- sucking, chewing, and moving food or liquid into the throat
  • Pharyngeal phase- starting the swallow, squeezing food down the throat, and closing off the airway to prevent food or liquid from entering the airway ( aspiration ) or to prevent choking
  • Esophageal phase- relaxing and tightening the openings at the top and bottom of the feeding tube in the throat ( esophagus ) and squeezing food through the esophagus into the stomach

Feeding Disorders

Feeding disorders are conditions in which an infant or child is unable or refuses to eat or has difficulty eating, resulting in weight loss, malnutrition, lethargy, impaired intellectual and social-emotional development and growth retardation.

Feeding disorders include problems gathering food and getting ready to suck, chew, or swallow it. For example, a child who cannot pick up food and get it to her mouth or cannot completely close her lips to keep food from falling out of her mouth may have a feeding disorder.

Behaviors in Feeding Issues:

  • refuses to eat
  • spits food out of mouth
  • gags or vomits
  • verbally says “no” to food
  • moves head away from spoon
  • refuses to open mouth
  • puts hands in front of mouth
  • throws food or utensils
  • gags before food is introduced

As many as 25% of children experience some type of feeding difficulty during infancy or early childhood. The incidence can be as high as 33% for children with developmental difficulties.

 Our Services:
  • Speech Cognitive and swallowing therapy
  • Intensive Feeding Program in your own home
  • Home visits available
  • Working closely with GI (Gastroenterology Associates of Cleveland, Incorporated in Beachwood)
  • Consulting and Seminars
  • Blue Cross
  • Cigna HealthCare
  • Medical Mutual
  • United HealthCare
  • Managed Medicaid
  • Aetna Medicare
  • Medicare
  • Blue Cross Senior Blue

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