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About the

Cleveland Feeding and Swallowing Center

The Cleveland Feeding and Swallowing Center was established in 2009 by Esther A. L. Verbovszky, M.A. CCC-SLP, to help individuals of any age with all types of feeding and swallowing disorders through an integrated and personalized program tailored to fit you.

Whether you have swallowing challenges due to an underlying condition like cancer, or develop one after a stroke or surgery, we can help you.
If your child has a developmental disability that results in them continuously refusing food or gagging or vomiting at the dinner table –or your child was born with a cleft palate or other physical condition that interferes with the eating process, we can help you.

If you no longer enjoy your favorite foods, going out with friends, or having dinner with your family, the Cleveland Feeding and Swallowing Center is here to help you.

Hope starts here.

About our founder

Esther A. L. Verbovszky M.A. CCC-SLP

I founded the Cleveland Feeding and Swallowing Center in 2009 out of my love for helping people eat again. It’s one of life’s most simple pleasures, and it also plays a large part in our social lives.

Challenges in eating and the inability to find enjoyment in eating can leave you feeling unfulfilled, frustrated, and isolated.

Esther A. L. Verbovszky in Her Own Words

I am here to help bring that enjoyment back into your life – and I have over 24 years of experience doing so.

You’ll find that many feeding and swallowing specialists consider their patients’ disorders to be corrected once they get to the point of effectively eating something simple like lemon ice.

I, however, won’t stop caring for and preparing you to eat until you’ve tackled a burger, pasta, or whatever foods you previously found most enjoyable. I think outside the box by bringing in different foods to discover what works well for you.

I enjoy getting to know you and your family, your skills and abilities, your challenges and frustrations, and your hopes for yourself and your loved ones.

Feeding and swallowing disorders are hard on the whole family. I love establishing this personal connection and spending real time learning about and caring for you. By working together, we can accomplish all of your eating goals.

I take pride in the fact that we are one of only a handful of centers in Cleveland to offer VitalStim therapy, and I have personally treated over 500 patients with this state-of-the-art method for effectively correcting swallowing disorders.

Enjoy Eating Again:

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At Cleveland Feeding and Swallowing Center, we take the time to create a personal plan customized to meet your needs and abilities – and accomplish your goals.

We are personally committed to getting you back to the dinner table and making meals the enjoyable experience they are meant to be for your entire family