Physical Therapy

Cleveland’s Premier Physical Therapy to Help You Move and Live Better

Cleveland Feeding and Swallowing Center is pleased to offer exceptional physical therapy services.

Our skilled and patient physical therapists are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care.

Our number one goal is to help reduce and eliminate your pain, get you back to your favorite activities, and improve your overall quality of life.

The Cleveland Feeding and Swallowing Center’s physical therapy services include: 

Partners in Healing and Pain Relief

The therapists at the Cleveland Feeding and Swallowing Center are your partners in relieving pain and healing any type of movement challenge. We are here to walk with you on your journey to feeling and moving better.

We will work closely with you to increase your range of motion, improve strength, and manage age-and health-related conditions before an injury occurs and without the need for surgery or medications.

Together, we will replace pain and frustration with mobility and enjoyment.

Our Physical Therapy Program will get You Back to Doing What You Love

Whether your pain and movement difficulties are a result of a surgical procedure or injury –or stem from a chronic disease or condition –we will continue to work with you until you’ve successfully regained your strength, mobility, and confidence.

Have you been missing out on dancing, hiking, gardening, sports, or other activities that once made you, you?

Whatever it is that you love to do, we will get you back to fully participating in your life again.

Our physical therapy exercises will enable you to complete your day-to-day activities more easily and comfortably.

Personalized Physical Therapy Services that Lead to Long-term Success

Part of what makes our physical therapy so successful is the time we dedicate to caring for you. Forming a connection with you is not only important to us, it’s a critical component of our commitment to you and your long-term success.


We work with you to create a personalized physical therapy program that is customized to your specific needs, abilities, and goals. Our physical therapists will help you in our center and beyond by providing you with at-home, easy-to-follow exercises to help you effectively sustain your improved quality of life.

We are Committed to Holistic,

Comprehensive Care

At the Cleveland Feeding and Swallowing Center, we are committed to providing exceptional care for you and your family. In addition to physical therapy, we offer several comprehensive services, including:

Let us help yoU

move and live better.

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