Q&A: When A Preemie is Having Trouble Feeding

Feeding issues are common in preemies once home, though parents are often puzzled as to when they should seek further help for their baby.  Esther Verbovszky, M.A., CCC-SLP/Nomas/Vital Stim Certified, help out with suggestions on when it is time to get a feeding evaluation:

“The best time for a feeding evaluation is anytime a mom or caretaker is worried about the baby,” notes Verbovszky.   “Moms read their little ones better than anyone and physicians sometimes do not have the time to see how the baby feeds.”

Signs that Signal a Need for a Feeding Evaluation by the Pediatrician or a specialty therapist:

  1. Facial color change (red) noted distress
  2. Breath holding
  3. Nasal flaring
  4. Chin tugging
  5. Catch breaths
  6. High pitched “crowing” sounds
  7. Coughing/choking
  8. Gurgly sounds in the pharynx
  9. Drooling

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